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    Research & Development
Design of Plant & Machinery

We're a company with a reservoir of experience in designing  and developing advanced industrial machinery, and generating innovative ideas for many a global giant. For practical, progressive and elegant solutions, count on us at Papillon.
A significantly more powerful Engine

A unique concept that enable the engine to run at it's optimum efficiency throughout it's operational range. It can also run on many different types of fuels including Hydrogen. The engine can be used as motive power in many applications including Aircrafts and Motor cars.  Please contact us for further details
Wind Proof Umbrella

A unique design that solves the problem of wind effect on umbrellas. This is another Patent pending Innovation. We are looking for suitable investors to develop and manufacture this product.
Food products

We develop many different types of food products such as Snacks, Cereals  and Centre fills. If you are interested in the manufacture of food products, we can help you.
Human interface with devices

This is Patented innovation that enables human interaction with devices such as Mobile phones, Media devices etc in a natural, stress free and secure manner.
Climate Controlled Mattress

Keeps the sleeper well ventilated and at a comfortable temperature that can be regulated. This is Patent pending innovation and we are looking for suitable partners to begin manufacture.

Managing Partner :  Manju Fernando